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Quality Policy & Objectives
Tera-Byte Dot Com Inc. is committed to "excellence in customer satisfaction" through Quality in product design, support and service whilst continuously researching and implementing new features.

Tera-Byte's management is committed to build on its industry leadership by providing total quality in customer satisfaction. Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional uptime, stability and support, which continuously meet or exceed their performance requirements.

In order to live up to our Quality Policy, Tera-Byte shall supply services efficiently and economically. This is accomplished through our continuing program to improve upon operational procedures and systems while striving to supply our clients with services with zero defects.

Products and services provided by Tera-Byte shall conform to the requirements specified by our customer and be supplied under ISO9001 Quality Standards. A cornerstone of Tera-Byte's quality policy is that excellence in product quality and customer service is the result of a collective effort and commitment from all its team members. This commitment to quality shall be realized from product design to after-sales support.

Our Objectives

1. We will strive to ensure that our network uptime meets or exceeds 99.997%.

2. We will strive to ensure that our server uptime meets or exceeds 99.7%.

3. We will strive to ensure that our average support turnaround response time stays under 30 minutes for general tickets.

4. We will strive to ensure that our service implementation time remains within the average timeframe for that service.